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For applications with more demanding mechanical, chemical and/or thermal requirements, IPEX has developed our CustomGuard® offering. Custom-designed and fabricated double containment systems include a variety of different material choices ranging from Fluoropolymers (e.g. PVDF), Thermosets (FRP); and carbon and stainless steel to hybrid combinations.  Available in 1/2”-20” carrier and 2”-26” containment sizes.




Plant chemical distribution lines                                              
Water and wastewater

Acid systems for refineries, pickling lines and plating shops

Battery manufacturing                                                            

Alum and caustic handling systems                                        
Generator back-up                                                                       
Hazardous waste systems


For applications whose mechanical, chemical or thermal requirements cannot be met by one of our off-the-shelf solutions, our double containment specialists will build a unique system to meet your performance specifications – considering chemical compatibility, cost of materials and installation, life expectancy and turnaround time.

Drawing on more than 15 years of double containment experience, IPEX has developed a variety of product-specific designs that result in a more cost-effective custom solution. And every CustomGuard® system is backed by a range of support services unmatched by any other supplier.

Material                        Carrier                  Containment

FRP/Metals                  1/2" - 20"              2" - 26"

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